Ridgway Planning Commission

Planning Commission Agendas and Minutes
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2020 Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes
Aug 25, 2020   Agenda
July 28, 2020 Minutes Agenda
June 30, 2020 Minutes Agenda
Apr 28, 2020 Minutes Agenda
Mar 31, 2020 Minutes Agenda
Feb 25, 2020 Minutes Agenda
Jan 28, 2020 Minutes Agenda
Jan 7, 2020 Minutes Agenda            
2019 Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes
Dec 3, 2019 Minutes Agenda
Oct 29, 2019 Minutes Agenda
Sept 24, 2019 Minutes Agenda
Aug 27, 2019 Minutes Agenda
July 30, 2019 Minutes Agenda
June 25, 2019 Minutes Agenda
May 28, 2019 Minutes Agenda
Ridgway Cohousing
Apr 30, 2019 Minutes Agenda
Mar 26, 2019 Minutes Agenda
Mar 6, 2019 Minutes Agenda
Jan 29, 2019 Minutes Agenda
2018 Planning Commission Agendas & Minutes
Oct 30, 2018 Minutes Agenda
Sept 25, 2018 Minutes Agenda
Aug 28, 2018 Minutes Agenda
July 31, 2018 Minutes Agenda
June 26, 2018 Minutes Agenda
May 29, 2018 Minutes Agenda
April 24, 2018 Minutes Agenda
Mar 27, 2018 Minutes Agenda
Feb 27, 2018 Minutes Agenda
Jan 30, 2018 Minutes Agenda
Jan 2, 2018 Minutes Agenda

General Information
The Planning Commission's regular meeting is the last Tuesday of the month at 5:30 pm. The Ridgway Planning Commission consists of seven members who must be qualified electors of the Town. Five at-large members are appointed by the Mayor. The Mayor and one other member of the Town Council serve as ex-officio members of the Commission. The duties of the Planning Commission include the review of land use submittals, including zoning, subdivision, conditional use permits, and variances, with recommendations to be forwarded to the Town Council. The Planning Commission is also vested with the duty of recommending elements and revisions to the Town's Comprehensive Plan.

Current Members
Chairperson: Doug Canright
Commissioners: Tessa Cheek, John Clark, Thomas Emilson, Larry Falk, Bill Liske, and Jennifer Nelson

Public Hearing Information
Hearings in front of the Ridgway Planning Commission may be requested via an application to the Town of Ridgway. Fee schedules for these hearings are identified in the application below. Hearings may be necessary for the following purposes in accordance with the Ridgway Municipal Code.
Planning Commission Hearing Application

Public Hearing Section

Code Chapter

  • Temporary Use Permits (RMC 7-3-13c)

  • Conditional Use Permits (RMC 7-3-14)

  • Change in Non-Conforming Use (RMC 7-3-15)

  • Variances (RMC 7-3-16) 

  • Rezones (RMC 7-3-16)

Code Section 7-3

  • Subdivisions (RMC 7-4-1 through 7-4-12)


Code Section 7-4