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Building Department

 General Information

The Building Official is responsible for building permit review, inspections and code enforcement. The Town of Ridgway has adopted the 2018 International Codes, as amended in RMC 6-1. Please call the building office to confirm permit requirements before starting any work. All plumbing and electrical permits are handled by the State of Colorado. A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) must be obtained before any building can be occupied. Please call Mike Gill at 970-626-5308 x 216 to schedule an inspection. A minimum 48-hour notice for planned inspections is very much appreciated.



Building Permit Application and Documents
If you are applying for a building permit, please carefully read all components of the Building Permit Application. This document outlines all required steps for a successful building permit and contains documents that are all editable in Adobe Acrobat. This is intended to save you a lot of time and effort by helping applicants through the building process. Disregard portions of the application that are irrelevant to your project.

Please note that incomplete submittals will not be reviewed by the Town until all necessary items in this worksheet are received, thus lengthening the time it takes to receive your permit.


Applications and Forms


How to Contact Staff

Building Official

Mike Gill

970-626-5308 x216