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The Town of Ridgway's Public Works Department consists of services administration (Chase Jones), streets maintenance (Mike Jenkins), water maintenance (Randy Barnes and Jeff Rivera), parks maintenance (Steven Schroeder), water treatment (not pictured), and engineering (not pictured).

The Streets department provides construction, maintenance and repairs of streets, alleys, sidewalks, rights-of-way, parking lots, bridges, diversion structures, storm drain systems and irrigation ditches, performs snow removal and street cleaning, heavy equipment operation, as well as maintenance and inventory of fleet vehicles and equipment.

The Water department provides operation, maintenance, and servicing of the water treatment distribution system, wastewater management, and ensures safe water and protection of public health and the environment.

The Parks department provides maintenance, construction and repairs of parks, playgrounds, open spaces, recreational fields, trails, sidewalks, recreational facilities, and municipal buildings. Assists in tree management throughout parks, rights of way and open spaces, annual noxious weed abatement, and annual mosquito abatement.

The Engineering department prepares feasibility studies, grant applications, provides design for in-house projects, oversees construction, maintenance, and repairs of town transportation infrastructure and rights-of-ways, and engineers water and wastewater infrastructure.


How to Contact Staff

Town Manager

Preston Neill 970-626-5308 x212 

Parks Maintenance

Steven Schroeder


Streets Maintenance

Mike Jenkins


Water and Sewer Maintenance

Randy Barnes


Water and Sewer Maintenance

Jeff Rivera 970-626-5738

Water Treatment

Chris Bolane 970-626-5738